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Combat Management Systems (CMSs)

Design and development of state-of-the-art the Combat Management Systems (CMSs) for warships and submarines is considered one of the most complex endeavours in the realm of C4I systems. It also calls for sustained honing of hard-to-get competencies in the field of system and software engineering and comprehensive domain knowledge. In order to effectively meet its role as the nerve centre of a warship or submarine, a typical Combat Management System seamlessly

intnegrates diverse origin weapons and sensors to present a real-time operational picture to the Command. Supported by a host of advance analytics and decision support features, the CMSs have become an integral part of modern warships and submarines ensuring highest degree of combat-worthiness of the platforms at all times.

With the successful delivery of two CMS projects to the Malaysian Navy, C2C Advanced System has joined the select band of companies capable of designing, developing and deploying state-of-the-art CMSs. With many new CMS projects in the pipeline, we remain deeply committed to delivering the utmost value to our esteemed customers in this niche technological domain.

Offshore Development Center(ODC) at C2C AS, Bangalore